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Put simply: You can't.

I'm referring to Arguments with a capital A here. This piece of writing is an argument (little a), but unless someone decides to get really upset about what I have said and troll this post with nasty comments, it is not an Argument.

An argument is a component of a debate that supports or negates a point. A debate (broad sense) is a logical discussion in which two opposing points of view are put against each other. Winning a debate is easy. You simply have to put forward better arguments than the other party or communicate them more convincingly. When someone gets personally upset and emotions/ control tactics get involved, it becomes an Argument.

In order to win an Argument, you not only have to make better, more convincing points than the other person, you have to convince the Arguer that they are wrong and get them to admit so much. Humans don't like admitting they are wrong, so will deny this till the end.

If you do want you're opposition to eat humble pie, you are better off getting them on side rather than starting a debate with them. Be nice to them. Buy them a drink or three.

Its true that you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar. But why do you want to catch flies anyway?


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